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Continuing in its endeavour to provide better alternative healthcare. Hovid dedicates a substantial percentage of its total revenue into research and development annually. Our emphasis on R&D simply reflects on the importance we place on nnovation and quality.

Our R&D division is located in two sites:

The research centre housed in Universiti Sains Malaysia focuses its efforts on Pre-Formulation Studies, Drug Characterizations, Special Delivery Systems, Nanotechnology Research, Clinical Research and Specialized Systems Development.

The other research team located at the manufacturing site works on process optimization, scale up of news products, improving production processes and formulations of existing products.

Our R&D facilities are equipped with a complete production facility for processing all types of formulations, research materials in publication and database, in-house library and online data services.

The R&D team consists of highly qualitfied and experienced scientists including several PhD holders.

Hovid has successfully filed its own patents for its own inventions in several countries.

Examples of our innovative products are:

Tocavid Suprabio, a more potent antioxidant, cholesterol suppression, anti-cancer and anti-arteriosclerosis agent with a better absorption of tocotrienois into our body.

O'Yes Cream - a skincare product which helps prevent premature skin problem, strengthens the immune system of our skin and protects our skin.

  • Artemisin - with enhanced Solubility & Absorption
  • Effervescent Formulations
  • Full Spectrum Natural Vitamin E

Wide Range of Products

Hovid offers over 200 in-house formulated and developed products in various dosage forms. These include Ethical drugs, Nutritional Health Supplements, Herbal Remedies, Enhanced Absorption Formulations and Slow Release Formulations. Soft gels, Capsules, Tablets, Granules and Creams.


Hovid's products are marketed in more than 30 countries worldwide. Besides the domestic market, our distribution network covers South East Asia, West Asia, Far East, Africa, Oceania, USA and Central America. Hovid has also been approved as one of the suppliers to UNICEF's drugs procurement programme and various Ministry of Health overseas.

Hovid's associate company, Hovid Pharmacy, manages our domestic distribution network. Our wide network of branch offices and warehouses in major towns and cities s a reflection of our commitment to maintaining a culture of on-time delivery.


Hovid Bhd's corporat mission of "Continous Innovation & Quality" emphasizes the importance of supplying her clients with Quality Pharmaceutical Products.

All Hovid's products are produced and tested under a properly managed quality management system with stringent quality controls which are based on the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Hovid's QC Laboratory has the mandate to ensure consistent, reliable and accurate test methods are used. To further support this objective, the QC Laboratory is accredited to the International standard ISO/IEC 17025.


  • Hovid looks for distributors in various parts of the world to distribute Hovid's brands.

  • Hovid offers manufacturing services to a full range of softgel supplements.

  • Hovid looks for contract manufacturers of formulations.

  • Hovid offers distribution network in over 30 countries.

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